Monday, February 7, 2011

Nate: 19th Century Edition =]

Elaina stood on the outskirts of the dancers watching her friends and acquaintances move to the music in a way she felt was much more graceful than her own awkward moves. She had tired from the quick pace of the music but the beat still held her captive. So she was standing on the edges, swaying and humming.
Elaina looked out over the crowd of faces at the ball. She saw Isabella, her little friend who always looked out for her; Tanner and Yasmine, the most engaging couple she had ever known; Nancy, dancing next to Eddie, a young man she had pointed out to Elaina earlier; and Nate Lewis, the handsome young man she had scarcely been able to take her thoughts and eyes away from all evening. Nate made eye contact from across the room and grinned. Her heart skipped a beat and her breath left her as she smiled back and laughed. He had caught her looking. He continued dancing with his friends and she continued her perusal of faces. Elaina's thoughts began to stray and she didn't notice the changing of songs. 
A voice interrupted her musings; her vision returned to the present to see none other than Nate standing before her. 
"My stars, he's so handsome in his dancing clothes," she thought.
"Would you like to dance?" he inquired.
Would she? Yes! Of course! Her spirits skyrocketed and she wasn't tired anymore. "Yes," she quietly replied with a sweet smile.
They started to walk closer to the other dancers. Then she began to worry; she had never danced with a young man before. She had danced with her sister many times, but Hannah, being littler, never knew all the dance dance moves she did. So Elaina always found herself leading and never following. 
"Nate, I don't know how to dance.." 
He laughed and smiled reassuringly, "You can do it."
He lifted his hands and held them out for her to step into. She found that she didn't know what to do, how close would be seemly to dance with a man. So she lifted her hands as well and held them out towards him. Nate smiled again, eyes twinkling, as he took both her hands in his. He placed her left hand on his shoulder and his right hand on her waist so lightly that she couldn't remember feeling it. His shoulder was warm and slightly damp from hours of dancing, but she didn't mind; it was nice for some reason.
Then, they started dancing. Step forwards, feet together. Step backwards, feet together. Back and forth, around and around. Elaina later remembered the stories young men stepping on the toes of young ladies at dances. But not once did Nate step on her little feet.
"Can you spin?" Nate inquired.
"I think so!" she replied.
He stepped backwards, holding out one hand, and she spun around, her dress swirling around her like a dark green cloud. Then they came back together. They did several more interesting steps Nate must have seen her do earlier while dancing with Nancy, for he didn't ask if she knew them, he just indicated with his movements what he planned to do next and Elaina recognized it.
Nate spun her a couple more times before the song ended.
Elaina felt so happy and full of joy, that she thought she could've kissed him on the cheek, right then and there. But she didn't give way to impulse tonight.
"Thank you for the dance, kind sir," Elaina said blithely, "You're the only one I have enjoyed dancing with all evening."
Nate laughed, "and I do believe that you are the most beautiful lady I have danced with all evening."
Then a strange look came into his eyes; a sort of seriousness that worried Elaina until she saw mischief also dancing there. While she wondered, Nate leaned forward, and so quickly that she almost missed the feeling, he kissed her cheek. Then he pulled back and moved away to dance with some other friends.
Elaina stood there for a moment, dazed, before she shook herself and moved off the dance floor, back to the sidelines. She wondered for a moment if anyone had seen, then realized that she didn't care if they had. She found herself a seat and sat down. The music no longer had any reign over her. She was in another place; in the world of moments before.

The Enchanted Hour

I wrote this a while back. Another moment-in-time. =]

She awoke before anyone else. The sun was just beginning to stretch over the horizon. What a beautiful world greeted her outside her window. Her bed was deep and warm, but she knew she could not go back to sleep. Not with these heavy thoughts weighing on her mind and heart. She slipped out of bed and grabbed her new Bible. As she descended the steps, she only made one sound; the bottom step creaked, but no one was awake to hear. Once in the living room, she sat in the chair she had occupied the night before, when games and laughter had rung throughout the house. All was still now. Not even the sound of the sleepers' breathing could be heard. Her mind strayed to thoughts and images of the handsome young man who held her heart captive. He was so quiet, it had taken her a long time to notice him, longer to notice how kindly he treated others and his quiet sense of humor, and longer still to discover that she was losing her heart to him. She was not the type of girl to give her affections away freely, not until a young man truly worthy enough came along. It seemed that he had come along and he had stolen her heart without even knowing it, despite the fierce struggle she had put up against it. But where was she now? Sitting in the living room, despairing over the fact that he would likely never love her in return. She looked down at her bible as she fought back tears. The pages of Psalms blurred in her vision as a tear slipped from her eye, down her cheek and onto her forearm. She stood and walked across the room in search of a tissue, but found none so she settled for a napkin. She grabbed a few more before sitting back down to again attempt to read the Psalms. Her luck was as good as before; tears wet her cheeks as she cried silently. Her heart felt sick and her chest was heavy as though being pressed by some invisible oppressor. She closed her eyes and quietly spoke the first words to be uttered in the house that morning, "Why, Lord? Why? Why must I care for him so deeply? Will you have him love me in return? You are Lord of all, you can do all things! Please... please soften his heart towards me, Lord! Please..." She continued on in that way until her tears subsided and she dried them. She sat in silence, just her, God, and the words of David for the next few moments. Then she heard movement from downstairs, the enchanted hour was over, the house was waking.

Silence. Patience. Aim.

I wrote this moment-in-time piece for one of my best friends, Liyah, for Christmas. =]

Moonlight lit up the forest glade casting stark shadows. All but what was hiding in the darkness gleamed in the silvery light. A black and white world. Ancient, towering trees rose like endless columns to support the ceiling of sky. Countless stars stared down at the grassy floor.


These were the woods that Eithne moved soundlessly through. With long, straight hair, lithe body, and pointed ears, her race was obvious. She stole through the forest, moving from shadow to shadow. Looking, searching, hunting.


Then she saw it. A flicker of movement. A feeling slowly filled her. She had found what she was looking for. She noiselessly pulled an arrow from her quiver. Fully drawing back her bow, she sat in wait for the perfect opportunity. An opportunity that WOULD come. She breathed in and out slowly. Time slowed in the enchanted wood. Her heart beat. She watched. She waited.


The target moved. It was time. One.. She breathed deep and held it. Two... She took perfect aim. Three... She let her arrow fly.

Short Story: Naive =]

Spring was in full bloom in the woods of √Ālainn. Different shades of vibrant green were accented by the colors of countless flowers. Male cardinals and jays flew to and fro displaying their brilliant colors and executing flawless acrobatic flight in hopes of impressing a female. Warmth emanated throughout the wood. Light shone down through the trees in such a way that you could see each ray of sunlight stretching down to meet with the thriving earth. A slight breeze lifted leaves and debris to float through the sunbeams and create sparkling shadows. The green of moss and lichen looked so inviting; it made one want to lie down upon it and stretch out for a soft, cozy nap. Deer grazed quietly upon the sweet grass while squirrels scampered around in the trees and across the forest floor. A bubbling stream could be heard as the water moved over the stones and small ledges to slash into the next tier below.
Liyah and Standin strolled through this seemingly enchanted wood quietly, not speaking a word. Just soaking in the beauty of God's artistry displayed so magnificently. How could such wonderful complexities not have been created or planned? The thought that it wasn't had never crossed the couple's mind.
They had grown up simply. Best friends from their childhood in a little village. They were still best friends. Such blessed innocents! They knew nothing of a tarnished world. At least they had not before this journey. A quest of sorts. Their world had been turned upside down and inside out and that was what had instigated the quest. Though not far from their minds, this was not what was at the forefront of their minds at the moment. Something strange and new and possibly exciting had started to happen between them. But in their naivety, they didn't understand. It was confusing why they felt such an enormous joy inside when around the other. So much so that they feel they might burst with the pressure of it!
"Liyah, we are far ahead of the others. Let's stop and rest," Standin suggested. They took a seat at the bottom of an enormous tree to rest. Liyah pulled off her shoes and stockings to wiggle her toes and stretch her feet out in the cool grass.
"Ohhh, that feels marvelous! Like cool sheets on a summer evening," Liyah sighed. Standin laughed and began to follow suit.
"Indeed! You are right," he smiled. Liyah stood and took a few steps across the carpet of green in her bare feet.
"Ouch!" she exclaimed. A pinecone was lying in the grass and she had stepped on it. Standin laughed again.
"Oh, Liyah! You need to watch where you're walking!"
"Maybe the pinecone needs to watch where it's lying! Doesn't it know it's dangerous to hide in deceptively soft grass?" Standin stood, still laughing, and traversed the distance between him and Liyah, his eyes twinkling mischievously.
"Maybe you should know it's dangerous to walk through 'deceptively soft grass' without shoes on."
Liyah smiled, but ignored his comment and danced away, treading more lightly this time. He shook his head at her with a smile upon his face as he watched her twirl and leap around the trees. Not paying attention to how she was dancing, she almost collided with Standin but he stepped aside and caught her in time to keep her from running into the tree behind him.
"My lady," he said with practiced stuffiness, "May I have the honor of this dance?"
"Yes," she replied in kind. They bowed and curtseyed in turn before dancing together with their noses upturned in mock snobbery. They lasted but a few minutes before laughing at being so ridiculous.
"If you will sing," Standin declared, "I shall dance a jig with you."
"Hmmm... I don't much feel like dancing a jig at the moment. I'm rather tired..." Standin's face was the picture of exaggerated dejectedness. "...but, you could sing a ballad. That requires much less energy for dancing."
"Do I look like a bard to you?" Standin winked. "Who dances to ballads anyway? Ballads are for campfires..." Now it was Liyah's turn to mimic dejectedness. "...but I will compose a melody on the spot to hum as we dance."
Liyah clapped her hands and smiled widely. Standin extended his hand and this time, he asked her to dance with sincerity in his voice,
"Beautiful lady, may I have the pleasure of the next dance?" Liyah inclined her head as she replied, "You may."
They joined hands and began to dance as he started to sing. It was a beautiful song and Liyah loved the melody. Liyah's dress swirled around her as they stepped in time to the inspired dance.
Standin lifted Liyah into the air with his hands on her waist. Spinning her around, he stepped on another pinecone. He yelled, lost his balance and fell, bringing Liyah down with him, but the grass cushioned their fall.
"Oh, Standin! You should watch where you're walking!" Liyah laughed as she repeated Standin's earlier chide and rolled on the grass. He grinned and grabbed a handful of grass to throw at her. She sat up and pushed him, rolling him over.
Liyah sighed and fell backwards into the grass, laughing while staring up at the canopy of trees. Her hair was a crazy mess and it was all over her face, but she didn't care. Ah, it felt so good to lie down and rest. She closed her eyes and sighed again. Standin sat up and moved closer, intending to tickle Liyah, but when he looked down at her, he was stunned for a moment at how pretty she looked. She smiled with her eyes closed and she had grass in her hair.
He pushed the hair out of her face and moved away as Liyah opened her eyes. He stood and walked over to the tree where they had left their packs and shoes. Liyah sat up and followed. They sat back down at the base of the tree and enjoyed their quiet rest until the others arrived to find them sleeping, exhausted from a long day and fun play.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are you listening?

Writing a blog is so easy. I feel like I'm speaking to the air. Paper and air... Inanimate objects are almost the only things that "listen" to me and expect nothing in return. I'm tired of talking to people. 99% of the time, they mean well, but they get so bogged down with their own problems that they can't help me. Or, they don't have the attention span to let me finish the story I'm telling! You may be thinking, "Well, Mazie! That's kinda self-centered, isn't it?" Well, maybe it is. But sometimes I get so tired of people coming to me and asking me for help, wearing me down with their own problems, I'll sit and talk with them for hours and give my best advice, but they aren't willing to wholeheartedly listen to me for more than 3 minutes or 2 texts without changing the subject! Maybe I'm talking to the wrong people. I thought that I used to have friends who JUST listened to me. My friends' problems are bigger than mine; I have friends dealing with divorces, depression, and all sorts of other things, but everybody needs someone to just listen. I've been dealing with this recently. I've had some things happen that have created sad feelings in me and caused me to cry. I only know of a few people who will listen to me go on and on and give me good advice. Unfortunately, those people are VERY busy and almost never have enough time for me. So I have relied more heavily than ever on writing.... Writing and God. It sounds cheesy, I know, but hear me out. God always listens. Always. When I talk to Him about things, I don't get verbal answers immediately. I DO sometimes suddenly "coincidentally" know what to do, but I don't get verbal answers. I don't get advice. But I DO feel comforted. I DO feel better about it than if I had told anyone else. I guess it's true that God is near to the broken-hearted. We need only to call on him.

Monday, January 10, 2011

All about me =]

All about me =]
I figured that it was time to update the "about me" post. Because I have done many things since I posted it!

I'm Mazie. =]
I've lived on a farm my whole life. We have had ducks, geese, cows, goats, rabbits, horses, donkeys, chickens, birds, goldfish, dogs and more. =]
I love to read. =]
I was homeschooled 1-12th grade. I am now a graduate. Holla!
I have six members in my immediate family. They are the best family I could ever ask for! =]
I've gone to church my whole life and I accepted Christ around age 5.
A lot of people think I'm older than I am.
I love the outdoors.
Jungle Pong is my favorite sport. (ask me about it!)
I am hopelessly romantic. ;]
I love my friends.
I like board games. Clue is my favorite board game. =]
I LOVE MUSIC. A LOT. Almost as much as I love people!
I love to sing! I'm almost always singing. =]
I love to give advice.
I love to discuss deep issues and questions.
I love to talk with my friends about the things that are happening in our lives
I like my stature. I wouldn't want to be taller, shorter, fatter, or skinnier than I am now. =]
I like memories.
Did I mention I love reading? Recommend some books for me!
I used to be a tomboy. For most of my life I fit in better with boys. In fact, I wished that I was a boy for the longest time. They always got to do things I couldn't.
Before I started layering my hair, every year, I would cut around 11" off and send it to "Locks of Love."
My hair is VERY thick. People everywhere have commented on it. At the orthodontist, for example.
I had braces for about a year and a half and I resent that I have to wear a retainer for the rest of my life.
I like almost all kinds of music
For two years, I was two puppets in the kindergarten theme room at my church. They are Coco and Blossom. Coco and Blossom have opposite personalities; Coco is a girly girl and Blossom is a tomboy. I frequently had to talk to myself as them so I joked about being bipolar. =]
I love corny jokes. (if they are actually funny.)
I say things are "happy" when I really like it and it makes me smile. =]
I love it when guys open doors for girls!
I love Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce cologne.. My cousin wears it. =] that is happy too.
I love aeropostale shirts and hoodies. Idk why, I just like it when people wear them!
I love kneeboarding. =]
I don't like wearing swimsuits around people. It makes me uncomfortable unless I have my shorts to wear over it.
I have three very best friends. =]
I have friends in and from places around the globe. Including New Zealand, Niger, Germany, China, Brazil, Japan, Thialand, Haiti and more. Yes, I have met all of them in person.
I have never left the country.
I've only been on one mission trip. It was to San Diego. It was an evanelistic training seminar.
Until this year, when I started working saturday mornings, I cooked bacon almost every Saturday.
I like to sew.
I like it when people say my name even though it isn't needed. Like "but you know, Mazie, that...".
I have read up to twelve books at one time. Don't try It... All the details get a little muddled. Haha
I LOVE hugs!
I used to share a room with two other people, but now I has my own room!!! =]
I have read Pride and Prejudice once and watched the movies MANY times. My favorite is the one with Colin Firth.
I have only ever regularly attended two churches.
I miss my friends from my old church.
I love being homeschooled. For the most part, the nicest people I know are homeschooled. =]
I'm a sinner. =[ I can never be good enough to go to heaven. =[ Good thing I don't have to be!! Thank you, Jesus, for paying the price! So someday I can be in heaven with you!
I love good smells.... Cinnamon, onion cooking, pie baking, some flowers, when a guy smells good, soaps, candles, good grandmotherly smells, moist earth, the changing of seasons, and dawn... That kind of thing. =] Dont you agree?
I LOVE living where I do. I have the most amazing view of mountains.
I love accents.. Especially Irish or Scottish. =]
If I'm around somebody who has an accent, after a while I will unintentionally start using their accent!
I like hugs....
I was sweet sixteen and never been kissed
I am a licensed driver.
I work at Chick-fil-a and I love it!
I've never been asked out or been on a date... However, a married man has asked me to be his girlfriend.
I love to sing... A lot....
I have a YouTube that I don't post on yet... KaleAllerion16
I've learned that there is no need to worry about that little imperfection... The only person who will be looking is the self conscious person who will breathe a sigh of relief at not being the only imperfect person!
I've learned that someones appearance can actually change according to their behavior. Example: there is this VERY handsome guy... And then you talk to him. And he's a jerk. Look at him again. He's not so fine, is he? Another example: You see a common-looking girl... You go over and talk to her. She beams and is one of the nicest people you have ever met. Look at her smiling face. Her inner light makes her gorgeous! It truly is the inside that counts! People's attitudes change the way I see them.
I like to draw.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


To my Prince
Who has loved me since
The beginning of forever.

From Your girl
Not of this world
I won't be alone, not ever.

You chose me first.
I was the worst
Thing that has ever been.

Covered in rags
Everything sags
I sit and wallow in sin.

Then You came along
And gave me a song
To sing all the rest of my days.

So I made the choice
To lift up my voice
In a beautiful melody of praise.

Here ends my tale
But I will not fail
To see that this isn't the ending

You are my King
Joy to I bring
No, this is but the beginning.